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Local Products Development in Mid-Baltics

About the project

Local customer demand for local homemade products has grown rapidly as a protest to industrially made and sometimes unhealthy food sold by supermarkets. Healthy and regionally typical food from Middle Baltics has become interesting souvenir for the tourists.

However rural people of Zemgale (Latvia) and North-Lithuania who produce local homemade products as growing potential of rural entrepreneurship have not been adequately supported. Their contribution to economics and stability of local community has not been adequately appreciated.


Aim of the Project „Local Products Development in Mid-Baltics” was to strengthen entrepreneurship development in rural areas of Latvia and North-Lithuania as well as to improve rivalry abilities and accessibility of local home producer’s products. This was done by establishing till the project missing “green markets” infrastructure in six municipalities (three in Latvia, three in Lithuania) and common networks and marketing strategy of local homemade products in Middle Baltics.

Project's target groups were rural entrepreneurs (farmers, family and micro-entrepreneurs, individual homemade product makers), customers (local and foreign), municipalities, regional development agencies and NGO's.

During the project 540 rural entrepreneurs from five municipalities from Zemgale and three municipalities from North-Lithuania gained the knowledge and experience on technologies, marketing and legislation.


  • To raise the competitive capacity of local food products producers of Zemgale and North-Lithuania by offering seven training programs for improving the quality and variety of the products of certain groups, marketing skills and cooperation;
  • To develop the infrastructure of six green market places – three of them in Latvia municipalities and three of them in Lithuania municipalities, thereby improving accessibility of homemade products in local and cross border area;
  • To develop common brand “GreenLiLa” for green markets network and products basket and to popularize local products of Middle Baltic through marketing activities;
  • To promote creation of new enterprises by using potential of local products producers, promoting the registration in Food and Veterinary services in Latvia and Lithuania;
  • To work out suggestions of common monitoring systems of green markets and inform institutions and society about them;
  • To improve training opportunities for producers investing in educational infrastructure and specific, sustainable training programmes.


In six municipalities of Zemgale and North-Lithuania “green market” infrastructure with all the necessary equipment were created and bought thus strengthening regional entrepreneurship and rising competitiveness and availability of local products. So that future “green markets” would have similar concept, one technical project was made. By investing in educational centre’s infrastructure training opportunities for local producers was rised;
To stimulate popularity of local “green markets” project partners in Zemgale and North-Lithuania organized seven training sessions incorporating topics about local food products, components, development and marketing activities. As a result specific local products that are characteristic for area were chosen. Also project partners held round-table discussions between Latvia’s and Lithuania’s Food and Veterinary Institutions to elaborate propositions for unified supervision system.
Unified brand for “Green markets” promoted it as attractive place for sellers and buyers. Each of six “green markets” have its own slogan. To inform society each market created informative calendar about planned events and local inhabitants received three “green market’s” newspapers about on-going activities and latest news.


  • Created six “green markets” (with 79 local product selling spots) and one technical project, bought all the necessary equipment, made investments in education centre;
  • 540 local product producers in Dobele, Koknese, Siauliai and Joniskis have participated in training sessions about seven topical themes. Established one training programme in electronic environment;
  • Created cooperation network between Latvia’s and Lithuania’s Food and Veterinary Institutions as well as joint system for supervision of “green markets”;
  • Developed logos, slogans and packaging materials for project and six “green markets”, created 12 informative tablets and 12 signs for tourists;
  • Produced 10 000 calendars with all “green market” activities in Latvian, Lithuanian and English;
  • Printed and distributed three “green market’s” newspapers with information about project, markets and activities;
  • Created and presented “basket of local products”.

Project partners

Zemgale Planning region (Lead partner)
Siauliai regional development agency
Dobele County council
Pļaviņas County council
Rundāle County council
Viesīte County council
Directorate of Kurtuvenai Regional Park
Directorate of Žagare Regional Park
Siauliai district municipality

Project „Local products", or in full title „Local products development in Middle Baltics" is implemented with financial support of European Union European Regional Development fund (ERDF) in Latvia-Lithuania Cross Border Cooperation Programme 2007-2013. Total budget is 772 058,40 EUR where 627 069,54 is co-financed by ERDF. Project implementation: August 2012 - January 2014 (18 months).


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