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    Aivars Okmanis

    Aivars Okmanis

    Chairman of the Development Council of the Zemgale Planning Region
    dome [at]

    Valdis Veips

    Executive director
    Valdis.Veips [at]

    Dace Vilmane

    Head of Development Department
    Dace.Vilmane [at]

    Sergejs Gemma

    Spatial development planner
    Sergejs.Gemma [at]

    Dace Strautkalne

    Specialist in social issues
    Dace.Strautkalne [at]

    Anna Builo-Hoļme

    Project Manager
    Anna.Builo [at]

    Edgars Paulovičs

    Project Manager
    Edgars.Paulovics [at]

    Ieva Zeiferte

    Project Manager
    Ieva.Zeiferte [at]

    Artūrs Penčura

    Project Manager
    Arturs.Pencura [at]

    Evija Ērkšķe

    Project Manager
    Evija.Erkske [at]

    Sigita Šiļvjane

    Project Manager
    sigita.silvjane [at]

    Raitis Madžulis

    Project specialist
    Raitis.Madzulis [at]

    Sanita Larionova

    Project Manager
    Sanita.Larionova [at]

    Sandra Kauranena

    Project Manager
    Sandra.Kauranena [at]

    Valentīna Mengote

    Expert in digitization
    Lolita.Felzenberga [at]

    Karlīna Ragovska

    Project "Atver sirdi Zemgalē" Information Management Specialist
    Karlina.Udre [at]

    Ilva Kalnāja

    Project "Atver sirdi Zemgalē" Communication Specialist
    Ilva.Kalnaja [at]

    Zanda Oša

    Project "Atver sirdi Zemgalē" Lawyer
    Zanda.Osa [at]

    Natālija Gerasimova

    Project "Atver sirdi Zemgalē" Coordinator
    Natalija.Gerasimova [at]

    Alda Ērmane

    Head of Department
    Alda.Ermane [at]
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    1 - 20 from 32