Zemgale – the central southern region of Latvia with an area of 10742 square meters. Traditions and potential of agriculture, education, production and tourism, as well as transport corridors and intersections, meet here. According to the number of companies, in Zemgale they mostly operate in agriculture - 23%, construction 17%, trade 13%, transport and logistics - 13%, forest sector - 8%, industry - 5%, energy sector - 4%, food processing - 2% , and the remaining 15% in various other sectors.

Zemgale has the most fertile agricultural lands in Latvia - they occupy 43% of the territory of the region - agriculture, bioeconomy and processing of agricultural products are developed here.

Zemgale has the necessary intellectual and scientific potential for the development of food production companies. Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies faculty of food technology develops new products, technologies, and prepares highly qualified workforce. Home production and crafts give small businesses the opportunity to offer innovative and niche food products, to provide tourism services at home production sites. By producing food, regional entrepreneurs replace imported goods in the local market and increase the export of quality Latvian food products.

Forests cover 45% of the territory of Zemgale, so wood pre-processing is highly developed in the region. The potential in the woodworking industry is the development of further wood processing and the production of woodworking products with higher added value. Wood processing such as wood chips and pellets production is also to be developed.


In Zemgale, entrepreneurs have access to a multi-faceted business support environment with a wide network of business support institutions, a network of professional and demanded research resources, initiatives of business associations and business support in local governments.

Business Environment vision (Zemgale 2027) - a region with a competitive economy, export growth in Zemgale's economic specialisation sectors and a supportive business environment.

In order to promote business development and the formation of new enterprises in Zemgale, cooperation of business support institutions is essential, where the Zemgale Business Centre plays a major role.

Zemgale Business Support Centre provides support to region’s existing and future entrepreneurs, provides coordinated support for business development in the region and forms a single consultation network, coordinates cooperation with other business support institutions.

The role of the Zemgale Business Support Centre:

  • Capacity building for business specialists in municipalities;
  • Business support activities (training and marketing);
  • Nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit in young people.

The goal of the Zemgale Business Support Centre is to organize the business ecosystem and infrastructure, promote knowledge transfer, innovations in Zemgale’s economic, and environmental specialization sectors, increase the competitiveness of Zemgale entrepreneurs in global markets.


  1. To provide basic information and consultations for future and existing entrepreneurs;
  2. Organize seminars dedicated to business start-up and development;
  3. Coordinate the participation of entrepreneurs in exhibitions and fairs;
  4. Organize networking and experience exchange trips for entrepreneurs and municipalities;
  5. Organize meetings with business support institutions and partners;
  6. Maintain and update the website http://www.zuc.zemgale.lv;
  7. Provide a Digital contact point for entrepreneurs in the Zemgale planning region;
  8. Promote the involvement of young people in business by organizing business idea contests, workshops and trainings.