The Zemgale Planning Region, in cooperation with local governments, coordinates the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of regional development support measures, including projects. The region uses various financial instruments to achieve its objectives: the EU Structural Funds, the European Territorial Cooperation Programme, European Community Initiatives and the State Culture Capital Fund. In developing regional projects, ZPR follows the following principles: relevance and necessity of the topic, regional impact and territorial coverage, scale of the project, involvement of stakeholders, principle of continuity or complementarity, relevance of the project to the requirements of the funder, sustainability.

Zemgale municipalities and their institutions have always been the most active in developing and implementing projects supported by the Latvia-Lithuania Cross border cooperation Programme. Zemgale Planning Region has participated in numerous projects in the fields of tourism, entrepreneurship, energy, education and other areas necessary for the national economy, and has been recognised as the most active partner in the Latvia-Lithuania cross-border cooperation programme.

In the implementation of projects, the Zemgale Planning Region has managed to cooperate with many different institutions, non-governmental organisations, municipalities, companies and other partners in about 20 European countries, thus gaining the opportunity to diversify knowledge, horizons, learn, observe good practices, improve and transfer the acquired skills and knowledge to Zemgale.

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