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    Andis Eihvalds

    Route network planner
    Andis.Eihvalds [at]

    Mairita Pauliņa

    Head of Zemgale Business Support Centre
    Mairita.Paulina [at]

    Kristīne Kode

    Expert in youth involvement in entrepreneurship
    Kristine.Kode [at]

    Sandra Grigorjeva

    Expert in work with entrepreneurs and investors
    Sandra.Grigorjeva [at]

    Kristīne Uldriķe

    Chief Accountant
    Kristine.Uldrike [at]

    Evija Rudze

    Project accountant
    Evija.Rudze [at]

    Dana Slāģe

    Project accountant
    Dana.Slage [at]

    Normunds Naglis

    Normunds.Naglis [at]

    Ilze Lujāne

    Public Relations Specialist
    ilze.lujane [at]

    Undīne Šulca

    Public Relations Specialist
    undine.sulca [at]

    Santa Ozola

    Head of Administration
    Santa.Ozola [at]

    Anete Briņeca

    Remigration Coordinator
    Anete.Brineca [at]
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    21 - 32 from 32